Take the work out of work

“We need to create work environments that are as immersive and involving as the best video games.”

Human beings are most productive when work feels like play. Enthusiasm, imagination and resourcefulness—the critical ingredients for success in the creative economy—get unleashed when people are having fun. In the future, the most successful organizations will be the ones that have figured out how to blur the boundary between vocation and avocation. Among other things, this will require organizations to better align personal interests and professional responsibilities, to take the drudgery out of work, and to grant employees more control over what they work on.

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To be successful and truly collaborative, knowledge-sharing systems require intuitive tools that connect people, reward participation, and align well with existing work and communication patterns.
Story by Doug Solomon on April 11, 2010
Introduction In today's globalizing world, every organization wants to be sustainable and make significant contribution to the community they are part off.
Story by Sidarth Tikoo on April 19, 2014
Work can be fun. But until now there has been no systematic way to make it so. We analysed people’s motivation and built a taxonomy of 21 types of fun.
Hack by Jonathan Winter on September 22, 2010
My dream for the College of Business here at SF State University, is to develop a truly new format of graduate business education where we create businesses as a fundamental aspect of a cohort-based s
Hack by Aaron Anderson on April 20, 2010
In the face of an established system that embodies extrinsic "if then" rewards, and all the negative behaviors that follow, how can you START to make a change?
Barrier by chris sheryn on November 14, 2012
*In order for organizations to thrive in the 21st century global economy, knowledge workers must be allowed the flexibility and discretionary authority to offload their non-core busy work to help prop
Story by Jordan Cohen on April 11, 2010