Stretch management timeframes and perspectives

“Managers often trade away a company’s future for short-term gains. We have to fix this.”

Compensation and incentive systems often truncate executive time horizons and skew perspectives. For instance, research suggests that most executives wouldn’t fund a viable new initiative if doing so reduced current earnings. Building new incentive systems that focus executive attention on creating long-term stakeholder value is a critical priority for management innovation.

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At Statoil, we try to take reality seriously, not just a dynamic and unpredictable business environment, but also all the competent and responsible people in the company.
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Introduction In today's globalizing world, every organization wants to be sustainable and make significant contribution to the community they are part off.
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Today most organization and executives follow and get buried under micro mangement. Eeverybody agrees for strategic thinking when it comes to argument on.
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The Indian market is witnessing an exponential increase in the Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the direct rise in global opportunities.
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Presidio Graduate School takes an innovative approach to graduate level management education, integrating sustainability into all aspects of the educational program, including:Three degree programs (M
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