De-politicize decision-making

“We have to find a way of separating critical decisions from personal ‘wins’ and ‘losses.’”

The quality of top-level decision making is often compromised by executive hubris, unstated biases, and incomplete data. Moreover, the number of variables that must be factored into key decisions keeps growing. In deciding to spend millions of dollars to enter a new market or back a new technology, senior leaders seldom seek the advice of rank-and-file employees. However, those on the ground are often best placed to evaluate the issues that will make or break a new strategy. Companies need new decision-making processes that capture a variety of views, exploit the organization’s collective wisdom, and minimize position-related biases.

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Understanding a company’s culture is a key component that leaders may ignore. When I took on a new role, an updated strategy was cited as top priority. What the team needed was a culture boost.
Story by Jonathan Becher on November 1, 2011
Advanced Design Encounters Psychological Theory <ADEPT> Successful teamwork innovation will respect many various kinds of personal contributions, even including paradoxically opposi
Hack by John Roth on December 21, 2014
The organization as we know it is changing rapidly. Right now, traditional hierarchical organizations are becoming more social, open, transparent, inclusive, diverse... the list can go on!
Hack by Stephen Remedios on December 5, 2013
A <MAZE> initiative would promote several main purposes.  It would address the cacophony of ways to orchestrate high level understandings for management practice.  It
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The idea of our hack wants to challenge the highly unconscious, but nothing less dominant dogma of heroic leadership, epitomizing the command and control management model.
Hack by Michael Gebauer on June 20, 2011
Developing  a new model of thought that best motivates people in order to create, innovate, and maximize efficiency.
Hack by Frank Vuong on March 31, 2014
Introduce an innovative system which would enable the voices of the external and internal customers to be heard in the decision making process.
Hack by Vikram Lokhande on March 19, 2014