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“We often wrongly assume that commodity jobs are filled with commodity people. Everyone was born with the capacity to create.”

While we know a lot about how to engender human creativity — equip people with innovation tools, allow them to set aside time for thinking, de-stigmatize failure, create opportunities for serendipitous learning — little of this knowledge has infiltrated management systems. Worse, many companies institutionalize a sort of creative apartheid. They assign the label “creative” to select individuals and roles — and tacitly (or not) relegate the rest to mundane work. Management processes must nurture innovation in every corner of the organization.

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With PEPFAR and Global Fund, improving global health is no longer constraint by money.  Instead, global health is now constrained by technology.  The global health community lacks a collabor
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Dropping levels of student engagement in the United States and Canada has become a crisis - with 46% of high school students reporting they are bored in school (USA), and only 45% of grade 12 students
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Advanced Design Encounters Psychological Theory <ADEPT> Successful teamwork innovation will respect many various kinds of personal contributions, even including paradoxically opposi
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Permission to draw fundamental distinctions between Performance Aspiration and Health Aspiration, as described throughout Beyond Performance, McKinsey & Company, represents a land
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