What will it take to build organizations that are as resilient, inventive, inspiring, and accountable as the people who work within them?

Our Dream: Organizations that are fit for the future—and fit for human beings

Arguably one of humanity’s most important inventions, “modern” management was developed more than a century ago to maximize standardization, specialization, hierarchy, and control. That’s exactly the wrong design for today’s challenge of unleashing human potential. Now, after 100 years of tweaking around the edges, it’s time to radically rethink how we mobilize people and organize resources to productive ends. It’s time to reinvent the technology of human accomplishment.

At the MIX we dream of organizations that are as resilient, creative, and engaging as the people who work within them and surround them. We dream of organizations that transcend seemingly intractable tradeoffs—organizations that achieve scale without cementing bureaucracy, that are focused but not myopic, efficient but not inflexible, and disciplined but not disempowering. We dream of nothing less than advancing a management revolution as radical as the one that spawned the industrial revolution a century ago—to produce a viable alternative to bureaucracy.

What is the MIX Mashup?

The MIX Mashup is a gathering of the vanguard of management innovators—pioneering leaders, productive rebels, courageous experimenters, and agenda-setting thinkers from every realm of endeavor. The event is designed to showcase advanced thinking and ambitious experiments—and to inspire, equip, and connect aspiring management innovators in the collective project of making our organizations fit for the future—and fit for human beings.

More than an event: Making Progress

We have a bold goal: we want every participant to walk out the door energized, equipped, and committed to make real progress when it comes to fixing what’s broken with how we structure organizations, design work, lead people, and measure value.

You might have heard this before: "this is more than an event. . . it's a movement" or "you’re not an audience. . . you’re a community." That really is the case when it comes to the MIX Mashup. This event (and this site) is the gathering of the clan of far-flung collaborators and hackers—a global community of management innovators working together and in their own organizations to drive change, launch experiments, and develop 21st century capabilities.

The Mashup is an expression of the progress we've made at the MIX over the last few years: building a robust discovery engine for the most progressive management practices and ideas; developing a committed community of in-the-trenches management innovators; inventing a methodology (including an intellectual framework and an evolving set of tools and resources) for hacking management processes; and creating a platform for making collective progress when it comes to pushing management onto a new S-curve.

We'll be featuring the most provocative and pioneering thinkers and leaders in this realm; we'll go deep into the insights and lessons learned by in-the-trenches management innovators, and we'll design the program not just to inspire, but to truly equip participants to launch their own experiments and make a real impact in their own organizations and beyond. There is no going back to business as usual after the MIX Mashup.

What is the MIX?


The MIX is a social platform focused on mustering the daring and creativity of in-the-trenches management innovators to make organizations highly adaptable, endlessly inventive and truly inspiring. We are . . .

. . . an experimental laboratory. We equip management practitioners with new principles, methods, and models. We help them to develop and test bold new ideas.

. . . a discovery engine. We accelerate the diffusion of bleeding-edge management ideas and practices by creating an online clearinghouse that collects, curates, and disseminates the stories and hacks of the world’s most progressive management practitioners.

. . . an active community. We are growing a vibrant and diverse cohort of management innovators and change agents from every realm of endeavor around the world, committed to making progress on crucial management challenges.

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